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This is Smadsoft, one of the best Indonesian Software Vendor, the co-founder is Zainuddin Nafarin. The Main Product from Smadsoft is Smadav, The Best & Popular Antivirus in Indonesia. Smadsoft will release many free software here, and you can download it for free too. All of them will be the software that is made in Indonesia. We are sure that softwares created by Indonesian also have a great quality to compete with another popular software in the world.

Smadsoft will release some softwares soon and all of the software will be freely available to the world. They are :

  1. Smad Fast File Searcher (SFFS)
  2. Smad-Dict
  3. Smad-AntiMalware
  4. Smad Duplicate File Searcher (SDFS)
  5. and much more...
  6. Actually, this page is still under construction, so you'll see many missing links and missing content here. We will complete this page as soon as we can get the software done.

Latest News

Smadsoft launched to Public

20 Nov 2009

This is the first time, is written completely

Under Construction !!

20 Nov 2009

Smadsoft still under construction!


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It's a smart, free, & big dictionary

Translating a word :

  1. English to Indonesian
  2. Indonesian to English
  3. Indonesian to Indonesian


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